About NEXI

Brief History

Apr. 2001 Establishment of Nippoon Export and Investment Insurance
Apr. 2001 Guidelines on the Environmental and Social Consideration in Trade Insurance
Apr. 2003 Creation of the Trade Insurance for Standing Orders with Specific Buyer
Apr. 2003 Formulation of the NEXI Customer Service Charter
Sep. 2003 Establishment of the Objection Procedures based on the Environmental Guidelines
Oct. 2003 Creation of the Intellectual Property License Insurance
Apr. 2005 Creation of Export Credit Insurance for SMEs
Apr. 2007 Creation of the Investment and Loan Insurance for Natural Resources and Energy
July. 2008 Creation of the Trade and Investment Insurance for Preventing Global Warming
July. 2010 Creation of the Comprehensive Export Insurance with Simlified Procedure
Nov. 2011 Launch of support network for SMEs' overseas buisiness development
Jun. 2014 Revision of Trade and Investment Insurance ACT(enhancement of NEXI's function)
Jan. 2015 Creation of African Sustainable Export and Investment Support Insurance
Jul. 2015 Revision of Trade and Investment Insurance ACT(transition to a special company wholly owned by the government in April 2017)
Apr. 2016 Creation of insurance for sub-sovereign transactions
Jul. 2016 Launch of Export Credit Insurance for SMEs and AFF Sector
Apr. 2017 Establishment of Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (special company wholly owned by the government)

The Trade and Investment Insurance Act was enacted in March 1950 and thereafter trade and investment insurance was managed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (former Ministry of International Trade and Industry) until the end of March 2001.