Participation in the Asia Green Growth Partnership Ministerial Meeting (AGGPM): CEO Atsuo Kuroda’s Speech

September 27, 2022
Nippon Export and Investment Insurance

Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI; Chairman and CEO: Atsuo Kuroda) has participated in the Asia Green Growth Partnership Ministerial Meeting (AGGPM) on September 26th, 2022, which was organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The AGGPM was held to discuss the importance of balancing and achieving sustainable economic growth, measures against climate change, and securing energy supplies during energy transitions. The progress of public and private cooperation under the Asia Energy Transition Initiative (AETI) were reported at the event along with new programs and projects that aim to accelerate AETI.

During “Part 2 Private Sector Round Table Section 1 Transition Finance” of the event, NEXI CEO Atsuo Kuroda gave a speech explaining the following on NEXI’s initiatives in supporting energy transitions.

  • (1) Financial support for energy transitions of countries in Asia.
  • (2) Financial support to the Middle East and other energy producing countries.
  • (3) Enhancement of partnerships with international financial institutions.

NEXI will continue to support energy transitions of Asia and the world.

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