Republic of Indonesia / Insurance for Investment in PT. INDIVARA SEJAHTERA MANDIRI Group

December 15, 2017

Nippon Export and Investment Insurance

Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI; President and CEO: Kazuhiko Bando) has decided to provide Overseas Investment Insurance covering political risk of Indonesia to support investment by Canal Globe, Ltd. (“Canal Globe”) in PT. INDIVARA SEJAHTERA MANDIRI Group (ISeMa Group) operating in the Republic of Indonesia.

Canal Globe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nihon Unisys, Ltd. (“Nihon Unisys”), was founded in April 2017 to strengthen Nihon Unisys’ strategic partnership outside of Japan and fully conduct overseas business by utilizing the Nihon Unisys Group's intellectual property and collaborating with Japanese and overseas customers. Nihon Unisys announced its decision to invest in ISeMa Group via Canal Globe, and that it had completed the necessary procedures by the end of July 2017. This is the first tie-up for Canal Globe with an overseas company.

ISeMa Group, affiliated with PT. INDIVARA SEJAHTERA SUKSES MAKMUR Group (Indivara Group) headquartered in Indonesia, operates in four Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia), providing consulting, software development and platform business focusing on finance, mobile communication, distribution/retail, manufacturing, transportation and traveling.

Through capital alliance with ISeMa Group, Canal Globe aims to contribute to the digital transformation of the customer companies in need of corresponding to ICT technological renovation, by combining ISeMa Group’s advanced experience and know-how in the ICT business development in the Southeast Asian market with Nihon Unisys’ years of high-quality and large-scale system development know-how and Japanese customer base.

As a financial institution implementing Japan’s policy, NEXI will continue to support Japanese companies’ overseas business.

Insured Canal Globe, Ltd.
Covered risks Political Risk 100%

Contact: Overseas Investment Insurance Underwriting Group, Underwriting Department