Change in the Terms of Cover

October 6, 2014

Nippon Export and Investment Insurance

NEXI will make the following changes to the terms of cover for transactions of repayment term of both less than two years and two years or more. The category and terms of cover will be changed as of October 14, 2014 (As to the Specific Insurance for Grenada, it will be changed as of October 7).
1.γ€€Change in category
(1)γ€€Upgrade (2 countries)
Monaco, St. Pierre and Miquelon (France)
(2)γ€€Downgrade (5 countries)
Slovenia, Barbados, Puerto Rico (U.S.A.), Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis
(3)γ€€For details, please click here

2.γ€€No longer categorized (16 countries)
Azores (Portugal), Vatican, United States Virgin Islands, Anguilla (U.K.), St. Martin, French Guiana, Falkland Islands(Malvinas), Ceuta, Melilla (Spain), Canary Islands (Spain), Tokelau (NZ), Nauru, Norfolk Island (Australia), Kermadec Islands (NZ), Wallis and Futuna Islands, Christmas Island (Australia), Cocos Islands (Australia).

For NEXI's insurance support for transactions with the countries/regions above, please consult us.